Analogies Every Day Life Stress And Peptic Ulcer

The long-disputed idea that gastric and duodenal ulcer is mainly caused by stress was struggled by two medical doctors and scientists studies who discovered the existence of an acid-resistant bacteria. Helicobacter pylori is capable to resist and breed in an acid environment; it belongs to class A of pre-cancerous stages as it is known to produces some of the most dangerous forms of gastric and duodenal cancer.

After the huge discovery of Helicobacter doctors considered all forms of ulcer were caused by bacterial infection and stopped studying the emotional factors. A medication combining Metronidazole, an anti-parasite antibiotic and Ampicillin took over the sketch of medication and patients suffering from ulcer seemed to get quickly better.

In spite of these discoveries studies around the world population have pointed out that stress affects gastric secretion and injures the stomach mucous more than H. Pylori. Although infected, some people never show clinical signs of ulcer; on the other side people feeling stressed are twice more likely to develop ulcer then the ones considered stress-free. Also, ulcer cases seemed to multiply after natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods when an increased number of people accused clinical signs of gastric pains and digestive hemorrhages.

To be able to establish a complete diagnosis of a particular case a physician must necessarily search for both psychological and physical determinant factors. The term of “Illness” is relative as every case of ulcer is special; every patient is different, with his own lifestyle and his personal eating and relaxing habits.

Beside ulcer, stress can also cause high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma, especially in patients with difficult work-environments or family problems. For treating gastric and duodenal ulcer a doctor must consider advising his patients to improve their lives on both physical and emotional scale. A physician should always be a good psychiatrist as he needs to treat bodies as well as minds.

Although an antibiotic treatment is most necessary to control signs and symptoms, a doctor must ask the patient about his own level of stress at home or at work. Even when well treated, with the right antibiotics, ulcer always shows relapses after a period of time.

Stress can be caused by internal factors as well as by external ones like a stressful marriage, use of drugs or alcohol.

A program of physical exercises, meditations or therapeutic baths and massages will surely improve the psychological condition of the patients. Also a cure of homeopathic products and natural-based food can increase the body’s performances. Food supplements like deglycyrrinizated licorice which helps stomach wounds to heal or Aloe Vera that decreases inflammation and supports healing, can make things look better.

For treating a disease you must first understand it. Accepting both physical and emotional factors as potential causes for any illness might help you cure any kind of affection better. Examine the nervous and immune system together with the disturbing area can bring sometimes huge satisfactions. This is why accepting stress as a potential cause for ulcer is very important for a successful treatment.

Groshan Fabiola