How To Silk Flowers In 2 Easy Steps

I bet you are frustrated over the lack of information on how to buy silk flowers. It seems like every website that I visit either wants to sell me some silk flowers or they want to upgrade me to an even bigger sale. There are literally thousands of information sources offline and online, but it sure is hard digging through them all. So, I sat down and did the research so you don’t have to. Silk flowers are beautiful and when put in the right scene, they can really make all the difference. Here’s two tips to help you get a good deal on silk flowers.

1) Ebay is your friend for a whole lot of reasons (pun intended). Given that something like 90 million people visit the Ebay website everyday, you’ve probably done some shopping or at least browsing of Ebay to look for stuff to buy. There are tons of Ebay sellers selling everything: including silk flowers. If nothing else, it’s a great way to gauge the market. You don’t have to bid, you can just look and watch the sales happen. Just do a search for “silk flowers” and take a look at how many listings pop up. In fact, a lot of these Ebay sellers have their own Ebay stores where you can browse through everything they offer. Plenty of them sell silk flowers and other items at substantial discounts. This can be especially handy information if you are looking to buy a large wholesale quantity of silk flowers for a wedding. Big sellers have their own stores and you can really find some good deals.

2) Buy silk flowers piece by piece. Make them yourselves. Here’s a secret not everyone is gonna let you in on: making silk flowers yourself isn’t that hard. If you are handy with fabric, scissors, and thread, you might consider making some silk flowers yourself. You’ll save the extra labor charge that is incorporated into the silk flowers themselves. This is a great idea for people who have a little more time than money and are willing to use their hands to make beautiful silk flowers. Think of it like this: you are buying silk flowers, only at a substantial discount.

Ryan Tenney